About us

Leplast N. Srl arises as historical evolution of the company Leplast Snc of Ciapparelli & Pinciroli; Leplast N. inherited from it the structures and the know-how due to 40 years’ long experience in the eld of moulding and extrusion of plastics.
Leplast N. Srl is mostly specialized in producing technical articles in various eld of application with high quality standard. Our efforts in innovation and quality for our transformer parts are recognized and appreciated by the largest constructors in Italy, Europe and all around the World. Thanks to the experience acquired we are able to meet the most different requests, even for special use of the customer; every day we are working hard to make our products and services even better.


What we do

The company quality system is certified on UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and is based on the following principles:

■ Steddy control of every stage of the company activities, starting from the supply of row material, bought only from qualified suppliers, to the delivery of the finished goods to the customers’ premises.

■ QUALITY has priority: Leplast N. Srl has the aim to satisfy the customer looking for perfection in every activity and working.