Components for transformers englobed in resin

Our society offers a complete range of items for transformers englobed in resin beyond 50Kva that allow to distribute uniformly the charge without partial discharges.

LeplastN Srl is at the customers’ disposal to satisfy every particular requirement.

We are offering two products series:

  • 50 Series for transforms up to 1250 KVA
  • 80 Series for transforms beyond 1250 KVA

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They allow to balance the expansion supported by the coil during the usage. They must be chosen knowing the expansion of the coil. They are used over the height adjusters.


They allow to ll up the clearance between the core and windings; the length of the coil spacer to use depends on that distance (mm). On the coil spacers are assembled height regulators and accessories


They are used assembled with coil spacers and silicon shock absorbers. They allow to ll up the clearance between the windings and the core frame.


They are assembled on the coil spacers and depending on the type used they have different purposes:

  • CENTERING SPACER used on the lower support allows to x the system to the core frame
  • BASE assembled on the upper support allows to the beams of the upper core frame to x the system and the coils
  • CUBE assembled on the coil spacer allows to put on two or more coil spacers when the needed clearance between the core frame and the windings is more than 105 mm for the 50 series or 115 mm for the 80 series
  • REGISTRO TUBO allows to x and maintain the same clearance between the cylinders and the coils

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